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May 20, 2009

Of Banshees and Wetbacks

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In his comment to my May 5 post on “occidental Christianity,” another charming Southron, a paragon of patriarchal virtue and covenant holiness, takes me to task for being a “banshee” working with “wetbacks.”

He writes from a Kinist website called “,” a Gehenna of racist, sexist, Southron drivel that extols, as paleo- and neo-Confederates do, the innate valor and integrity of white Southern men who claim to follow a homeless Jew of questionable birth. I’ve invited “Confederate” to explain more about how using a phrase like “wetbacks” furthers the cause of Christ in this world. I eagerly await his response, which should be as self-serving, ignorant, and vile as his entire Kinist theology, and will comment more as he responds. In the meantime, though, I’m sickened, although not surprised, at what passes for Christian belief these days.

Should I really have to point out that “wetback” in reference to Mexican immigrants demonstrates utter contempt for the alien, stranger, and foreigner made in the image of God?

I guess so. But better he hear it from me now then at the Great White Throne later, and better the condemnation come from a “banshee” woman than not come at all.

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