Just Call Me A Race Traitor, I Guess

A comment posted yesterday regarding, once again, my May 5 “Occidental Christianity” post condemning the viciously stupid Kinist theology of race separation and white supremacy in the name of Jesus:

“Perhaps the thought had crossed your mind that race mixing + time = genocide. some of us actually look ahead to consider the long term implications of multiculturalism and other marxist nonsense. (Timothy)”

My response:

Dear Timothy,

Thanks for your comment. You sound like a very frightened man. Please show me in Scripture where the Church is to concern itself with maintaining racial purity or preventing what you mistakenly call “genocide” by adhering to strict race separation. I would find it fascinating, since my understanding of Scripture is that the Gospel sets aside all barriers to full spiritual unity that are grounded in race, gender, class, or any other category favored by humans. Enlighten me, please.


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