Memorial Day

My sincere condolences to any of my readers who’ve lost a loved one in the Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other war. Your loss is indeed tragic; may your comfort come from the One who is our Prince of Peace.

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  1. Dontbia Nass says:

    My sincere condolences to any of Keely’s readers who’ve had a loved one’s life wasted while serving as a murderer-for-hire in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other of America’s illegal and immoral wars in the last half century. Although your loss is indeed tragic in the fullest Shakespearean sense, may you be comforted by the Prince of Peace, because His universe is not a cosmic tragedy but rather a cosmic comedy: Word and Spirit triumph in the end, and God’s people live happily ever after, no thanks to those who would build the empire of man through the military domination of the whole planet.

  2. Look, Nass, I deplore the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and picketed against the Vietnam war when it was going. Like you, I hate that anyone has died in these immoral exercises of military might — but my intent was to offer condolences, not to rail against these or any other wars. I’ve spoken out on that; yesterday’s post was simply an acknowledgment of human loss.

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