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May 18, 2010

Because Why NOT Go To Arizona In Late May?????

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I hate heat, and I’m not fond of endless sun. So it makes perfect sense that the guys and I are tomorrow heading out to Tucson for a week.

But with Anthony moving to Western Washington after the holidays, it’s probably the last trip the four of us will make together before careers, girlfriends, and geography all get in the way. For this reason, I would gladly camp out in Death Valley with a Baptist biker gang if it meant being with my sons and Jeff, and what makes Death Valley different from Tucson is that I have family and friends in Tucson, it has better restaurants, and the hotel has a pool. And no one I know there is a fundamentalist biker.

I won’t have access, or much access, to the Internet, so I probably won’t blog ’til we arrive home on the 26th — unless I’m arrested protesting the State’s hideous new response to immigration, in which case I promise to get word out of my detention.

I’m not real sure to what extent I’m kidding about that, but I’ll keep my protests peaceful, I promise. I hope you’re all continuing to pray that the Lord would see fit to overturn the law, and if in doing so you pray for safe travels for the four of us, I’d be most grateful.

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