My Take On Immigration, In Essence and In Spanish

A button I purchased in the hands-down coolest store in Tucson, Pop-Cycles, says it all and says it best: Ningun Ser Humano Es Ilegal.

“No Human Being Is Illegal.” I can’t think of anything more fundamentally true to an ethic of respect for human life, nor to the specific issue of undocumented immigration. And for as long as the Lord Jesus gives me breath, it’s a truth I’ll continue to proclaim — because he has taught me in his Word to do unto others as I would have them do unto me (Matthew 7:12), and I always appreciate when people with more physical, political, and economic strength than I act in ways that affirm the inherent worth this Creator Savior has given me.

NINGUN (none, not any) SER HUMANO (human being) ES ILEGAL (is illegal), and Jesus is LORD of all. And Matthew 7:12 en Espanol: “Haz a otros todo lo que quieras que te hagan a ti.”

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