A Sincere WOrd Of Thanks To "Jonathan"

I continue to marvel at Wilson’s exchange with Thabiti, and I continue to have to pick my jaw up from the ground when reading the comments from Wilsonian acolytes that follow each of his posts.

Really?  The modern welfare state is worse than slavery?  Black families were better off in 1840 — owned, traded, sold, beaten, exploited, and denied even simple humanity — than the Black family in 2013?  Wilson was right to drop a Levitican law about buying slaves into the discussion of Antebellum slavery — and if anyone is offended, who gives a damn?

THAT’S what qualifies as holding the Scriptures in high esteem these days when engaging in a defense of the faith? 


You can wade through the muck yourselves. But one faithful Christian man, known only to me as Jonathan, consistently answers his snarky accusers and badmouthers with wisdom, grace, courage, and a profound desire to advance the Kingdom of God.  I agree with him, as you know, that Wilson’s defense of slavery is, in its many different, and currently mutating, forms, is absurd and offensive on its face.  Given, however, that Jonathan is the only commenter clinging to any shred of Biblical faithfulness and sense of Gospel justice, he is truly a man of honor.  I don’t know him.  I wish I did.

So thanks, Jonathan, and keep fighting the good fight. I’d love to hear from you at siyocreo@live.com.  Happy Easter to you, sir.

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