Steak Dinner: We’ve Got A Winner!

Of course, it’s easy to win if you’re the only one gutsy enough to take me up on my offer to buy a steak dinner to any Christian who can defend for me the right — some would say obligation — to defend home and hearth with whatever firepower one can muster, praise the Lord.

A man I’ll call “Gerald” — he didn’t want to be named, and I respect that — finally got ahold of me; we’ll meet when I get back from Western Washington April 10.  In the meantime, I thank Gerald for the irenic way he’s conducted our discussion so far.  While I don’t find his contention that the book of Nehemiah justifies the Christian’s use of guns to in the defense of person or property, I sincerely thank him for coming forward.  In doing so, he showed me there are still some men around here — maybe some men who even, perhaps, lurk about the Kirk — with the guts to take a position and defend it.

Of course, fibromyalgic and arthritic 50-something homemakers with fairly worthless college degrees are generally a dangerously tough lot, but I’ll show up armed only with my wits and my well-worn Bible — and my thanks to Gerald for doing the same.  In this, he sticks out like a bastion of honor in a community of tail-tuckers.

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