The President’s Memorial Speech In Tucson

I thought President Obama did a remarkable job speaking at the memorial service for the shooting victims in Tucson. He was wise, prudent, ministering, hopeful, and passionate. I believe he was tonight God’s man for the task at hand, and it’s to God that I offer my thanks not only for his calm and healing words, but for his presidency as well.

His service is not a tyranny to be resisted, he’s not a shadowy, evil usurper to the office he fills, and his election is not sign of High Evil overtaking the land. That these sentiments provoke such derision among so many of you — not mere disagreement, but rank derision against the President himself and mocking derision against me for believing as I do — is very sad to me.

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  1. Ashwin says:

    You are talking to Mr. Wilson now?

  2. Here’s something you should know, Ashwin: I have issued a standing invitation for Wilson to meet with me anytime, for any reason. I have sent him and his notes of condolences and congratulations, I greet him in the supermarket (he pretended to not know who I was, and perhaps he didn’t), I introduce myself to his associates, and I have publicly said that I don’t hate him, but love him as another of God’s creatures, beloved by my Savior. I haven’t attended his church because it would seem to be distracting if not disruptive for me to be there, and I am committed to attending my own church fellowship. I have a friendly relationship with his daughter-in-law, I’ve offered a recipe on his wife’s blog, and I’ve thanked a couple of his congregants for their specific kindnesses to me. Your idea that I refuse to engage with him except on the e-pages of my blog is untrue and unfair.

    You may think I’m belligerent, but I don’t hold myself above him, nor do I hold myself away from him. If Wilson and I don’t sit down for tea, it’s not because of me.


  3. Ashwin says:

    I am glad you made that clear. Took your time though.

  4. Doug says:


    I’m sorry you feel sad. I’m sad too. I’m sad because the other 16,000 7-11 clerks, doctors, construction workers and Korean gas station attendants that were murdered this past year didn’t get a visit from our pastor-in-chief; they didn’t get a place in a wall or a flag set at half mast. They only had family members, friends, and customers mourn and pray for them.

    What else makes me sad is that you haven’t found something else to do with your life but posit your comments here and other places around the hood these past many years.

    How sad indeed!

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