Yes, That IS Disgusting. Now, What’s The Point?

In commenting about people, like me, who would say that the Sodom and Gomorrah story in Genesis 19 is about rape and dehumanizing, degrading violence, not mutual, caring, monogamous homosexual relationships, Wilson crows that no one on the Left has condemned two of Bill Maher’s recent talk show guests who said they wanted to “violently f—” Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum, so disgusted are they by Bachmann’s and Santorum’s disdain for gay rights.

Let me set Wilson’s mind at ease. Some of us on the Left, and virtually every human being I know, would gladly condemn such disgusting, vile, and threatening speech. The Maher “guests” who said those things are true Sodomites — disgusting, vile, and threatening in their speech and actions, using the context of sexual contact to demonstrate their rotten hearts and withered souls. Frankly, I would consider Bill Maher to be a professional A-hole par excellence, if I used or permitted that kind of language, and he makes no positive contribution to anything other than his own and his sponsors’ bank accounts.

Now, what this has to do with differentiating same-sex erotic behavior between loving adults from the actions and words of the men of Sodom and Gomorrah is utterly beyond me, as it ought to be for the rest of the non-classically-trained world. But Wilson specializes in debate by diversion and argument by antagonism. He doesn’t have to make rational points; his audience expects that arguments be buttressed not by sober analysis, but by insults against feminists, liberals, pomosexuals and the like.

Sadly, the guy never disappoints.

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