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October 21, 2011

A Possible Answer …

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… to Wilson’s “When The Dirt Hit Hegel’s Coffin” post today on Blog and Mablog, in which he laments that Christians play a game they’re guaranteed to win as though that’s a nice idea and all, but then they don’t actually play in a way that they CAN win. He ties this to a “pre-pre” eschatology, but I have a different idea.

Perhaps it’s because we achieve victory not by might, not by power, not by cleverness, not by hostile engagement, not by literal woodenness in reading the Bible, not by seeking prosperity, not by classical education, not by serrated edges and faux intellectualism, not even by the Westminster Confession, but by the Spirit of the LORD.

Because until the Lord Jesus returns again and draws us to him, and until he transforms the world by his final proclamation of victory, we’re just strangers and aliens, passing through and hoping to be worshipers and servants. It’s not as gratifying to the masculinist psyche, but it’s gratifying to the Savior.

Caring only about that brings true victory, in the soul and in the world.

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