Child Rape At Penn State

I posted this on my Facebook page; it bears repeating here:

RE: The Penn State child rape scandal: The Grand Jury indictment mentions six or seven victims, and casts doubt that those who were told of the rape, abuse, and (at best) improprieties were perfectly candid with the Jury. Clearly, many, many adults chose affection for Sandusky, business success, and vicarious athletic stardom through the Nittany Lions’ football program over the welfare of little boys. However, there’s another point here: How could any adult who saw this happening not rush in and physically defend the children? Dear God. If we define “heroism” as simply “telling the right people,” we’re in a great deal of trouble as a society.

And let’s nip this in the bud: based on the age of the majority of his victims, Jerry Sandusky is a PEDOPHILE, not a homosexual. There are two entirely different sexual preferences at play here. When a man prefers other men, he’s a homosexual. But when he prefers pre-pubescent CHILDREN, regardless of their sex, he’s a pedophile. The difference between the two is impossible only for local pastors and other bigots to grasp; I trust that the reasonable among us understand it.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Thank you for your revulsion to child-sex. As with so many perversions, it is a great tragedy. The scars for these children will be life long, and I pray for their healing.

  2. Happy says:

    Yes Keely I am in hopes that this will give a chance for children who had felt voiceless, to speak out against those who are preying upon them. They all will need counseling of a good expert therapist, but they can overcome this, if they have the courage to move forward. God Bless the Children.

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