Gloria Borger On The Unbearable Lightness Of Cain

CNN analyst Gloria Borger on the damage Herman Cain is doing to the GOP — Nail, hit squarely on the head:

It’s perhaps a bit surprising that the former president of a second-tier pizza chain thinks he ought to run for the Presidency of the United States, but it’s absolutely shocking that anyone other than his wife and kids would take that candidacy seriously.

Now, however, we know that Herman Cain is undisciplined, underinformed, and utterly unqualified to hold office beyond the Wasilla City Council-level. Further, he appears to have a problem with his sexual inclinations and female co-workers. He knows zip about foreign policy, he’s a one-note (or nine-note) Sally on the economy, and he has a marked inability to state a coherent position on any position that would face anyone on the national stage.

He’s a joke and a caricature. No wonder the tea Party loves him.

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