Probably Not A Real Shocker, But . . .

Some of you know that Jeff and I have been graced by the Lord with a trip to Europe, for which we leave tomorrow in anticipation of two and a half weeks of living lives that will hardly seem our own.  I’ve had, as you can imagine, a ton of things to do in preparation, with the usual business demands and landlording problems that pop up when you least need them to, and while I had every intention of getting back to regular blogging now that my formatting issue has been fixed, the fulfillment of that intention has fallen by the wayside.

And there’s so much to weigh in on!  There’s my response to the correspondent who believes I have stolen from the Holy Spirit by . . . well, I’m not sure, but I imagine it has to do with having pastored while female.  There’s my passionate defense of breastfeeding and late weaning, my take on the presidential election, my observations of hideous apostasy and heartbreaking malice from those who purport to be Christians, and, of course, a steady stream of Wilsonian blather.  There’s a veritable smorgasbord of issues to tackle, but for the next two or three weeks, the Winds that Prevail around here will have to be restrained.

Fortunately, though, the pneuma of the Spirit of God won’t be, and I pray the Spirit’s cleansing wind to blow through the dusty temples of all of our lives.  Please pray for my sons during our absence and for the two young men who’ll be housesitting for us.  (Or, perhaps you ought to be praying for me, given that two young men will be housesitting for us . . . ).  I wish you all well and invite you to check in again when Prevailing Winds gust forth again June 21.  It’ll be the longest day of the year, so I’ll feel justified to stay up late and write my little heart out.

I appreciate your hanging in there with me and look forward to our getting together again soon.

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