Why We Shouldn’t Loan Out Our Laptops

The answer?

Because the people whom we love very much and whose computers are broken, and who ask if they can borrow your laptop for a week, then log in to gmail with their own user ID’s and passwords and emails, and you spend the next two weeks desperately trying to wade through Blogger.com hell with its convoluted log-in process, inane questions, and insufficient help options.  You tear your hair out and realize that you’re at risk for an aneurism because there’s so much going on with the Republican and Democratic Conventions and other current events and you can’t comment.  Or, worse, you can only comment on Facebook, which means you compete with “Meatloaf for dinner, LOL” and other fascinating missives thereon.

(OK, my Facebook friends are almost unanimously intelligent, engaged people who require something more than meatloaf to make them laugh out loud.  But a couple of “friends of friends,” or “children of friends,” live lives of such profound excitement that they inform us all about their dinner plans, or who they sat next to in church, with some regularity.  If you’re reading this, you’re not one of them.  In fact, if you’re reading this, you’re displaying remarkable perspicuity and sagacity. . . )

So, because the person to whom I loaned my laptop doesn’t read my blog, I can vent a little, all the while assuring you that Prevailing Winds is back.  And here’s a note on my contact info:

If you want to contact me, or comment apart from the Comments feature on the blog (below each post), please use my current email:  siyocreo@live.com.  The blog will feature keelyemerinemix2008@hotmail.com, but I only had to use that as a Blogger user name; I don’t check it regularly.  Finally, you may still have kjajmix1@msn.com, which I used for the first 16 years of my email experience, but is now the home of dating offers, dire predictions of the ills that will happen to me if I don’t take my stand for Jesus by forwarding an email to ten of my closest friends, or solicitations to enlarge body parts I don’t have.  So — write to me at siyocreo@live.com, and we’ll all be happy.  Even if the email you send me isn’t.

OK, signing off to watch the opening of the final day of the Democratic Convention, after which I’ll try to make up for lost time. 

Laissez les bon temps roulez — but never, I pray, with a GOP laissez-faire economy.  This woman’s voting Obama in November, with the hope that my birthday will bring the continuation of the Obama presidency.

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