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October 20, 2012

I’ve Really Got To Get A New Picture . . .

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One of the talented young writers from the University of Idaho’s Women’s Center contacted me last month to see if she could interview me for the Center’s blog.

I was pleased to meet with her and explained, during the course of our hour together, the connections I see in the Bible that have lead me to fully embrace, as a Christian, the feminism of my non-Christian youth — not for the purpose of being a feminist, or a progressive, or a liberal, but to live a life more conformed to the nature of Jesus Christ and more in accord with the Scriptures.  I am, after all, not terribly concerned with just being a feminist, progressive, or liberal, but with being a mature disciple of the Lord Jesus.

Which leads me to clarify one thing in the UI article — the outspoken journalists were my dad and grandfather; the devoutly religious family referred to is my husband’s side, my in-laws, whom I love deeply, but who don’t share my views.

Of course, “deeply religious” could, I guess, refer to my family of origin, who revered Jesus as the Consummate Liberal and worshiped, pretty much, at the Democratic Party Temple.  At least, until my Dad’s conversion right around the turn of the last century, which was precipitated much more by his cancer diagnosis than from Y2K hysteria.  But the nominal Catholicism of my childhood paled in influence to the fervor of household liberal Democratic politics.  And while I remain generally to the left politically, it’s because of my understanding of what Jesus the Lord requires of me.  I have no regard at all for Jesus, The Consummate Liberal Democrat.

(Then there’s the issue of Jesus-of-the-Right-Wing, who I believe to be nothing at all like the Jesus of the Scriptures . . . )

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