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October 21, 2012

A Recipe From My 5-year-old Friend, Isaac B.

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Our friends departed yesterday in the midst of the flurry of three little boys not wanting to leave the teepee their dad and Jeff built for them on our property and tremendously not interested in gathering up socks and jackets for Mom to pack into the motor home.  It was a wonderful visit and only one pair of tiny Star Wars briefs was left behind. We think. 

Success all around!

But before they left, their kindergarten-age son, Isaac, shared his original Scrambled Quesadilla Recipe, which I think is good enough for all of you to give it a try:


First, you have to get some tortillas and then cut them up, like into strips.  If they get hot and cooked they turn kind of brown, so that’s good. And then you crack eggs and pour them into a bowl.  Then you mix them up with a spoon or something and then you put them into a hot pan.  It’s hot because it’s on the oven.  Sometimes you call it a stovetop.  You don’t have any pepperdeau* so you have to use salt and pepper.  If you find pepperdeau you can use it, OK?  Then you just pour the eggs in.  There are two more things that needed to be added.  Remember to put all of this on the stovetop pan.  Then you put cheese, as much as you want, like two handfuls.  Then two scoops at least of salsa.  You eat it with a fork, but not with your hands. 

*pepperdeau is a spice you buy in Mozambique

Thank you, Isaac!  Sometimes I just don’t know what to cook for dinner and this will help me.  And a note to your big brother, Aidan:  I just have to tell you, Jeff says you are probably one of the best teepee builders he’s ever known.  You did a great job of helping all of the sticks stay propped up!  We were both surprised at how strong you both are! You and Isaac (and even little Ethan) did an awesome job of clearing out the inside, and for sure Jeff will call you guys for advice if he needs to ever build another one. 

I invite my readers to comment if they try Isaac’s recipe. I think it’s a winner.

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  1. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe soon, sounds great!

    I wonder if Winco sells Pepperdeau…

    Comment by Anthony — October 22, 2012 @ 2:42 am

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