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November 24, 2014

Really? Kirk Cameron, Esteemed Evangelical Statesman?

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Kirk Cameron has recently been spotted in Moscow, Idaho, chillin’ with the Reformed cultural arbiters of culture at Christ Church and NSA and currently starring in a movie whose sole point, evidently, is that the meaning of Christmas — Jesus, on which we agree — is under attack.  The best defense, evidently, is lots of decorations, ornaments, food, fudge, presents, and, I’m guessing, sweatshirts with “Jesus Is The Reason For The Season” sweatshirts.

Bah humbug to the martyrs of old.  Whining about “Happy Holidays” is clearly evangelicalism’s idea of a bold, costly, stand for the faith.


But let’s be clear:

Kirk is like Styrofoam to brick — lightweight, artificial, employed only to protect something perceived more valuable, and, significantly, as white as white can get. He is a ridiculously insubstantial man, and building any kind of “evangelical” case with him at the foundation is destined to fail.

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