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September 16, 2014

The Birmingham Church Bombing

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It was 51 years ago today when a cadre of white men rigged a Birmingham, Alabama, church with a bomb that killed four little girls — elementary-school aged covenant children — when it detonated.

Vicious white males who made hatred of Blacks and Jews their religion, and who were fervent in their devotion, bombed a place of worship, a Christian Baptist church, and killed four little girls — in the name of Jesus Christ, their God and the object of their worship.

And it was virtually risk-free for them to do it. Why?

Because other people who worshiped Jesus Christ as God either sat back and did nothing in the midst of the pernicious racism of the era, or applauded those who fed it.  These people, who exist today both in the Klan and other “more benign” organizations like the League of the South, persist in their belief that God has favored them, and done so over other groups of people whose marginalization in society they believe is deserved. It’s no exaggeration to say that an apostate Church made the Civil Rights Movement necessary, and a faithful remnant of that Church ended it. White people cannot overlook the fact that the former was largely white; the latter, largely Black.

What horrors is the majority Church feeding today that the faithful remnant will bear on its back tomorrow?

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