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November 6, 2013

Hatefel Men Call Other Ministers “Dykes.” Doug Wilson Is A Hateful Man.

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This gem from the unrepentant bigot Doug Wilson gives you an idea of his ecclesiastical sincerity, not to mention his openness to the call of the Holy Spirit received by his sisters in Christ Jesus.

But don’t get the idea that this observation, from the stink of Wilson’s Blog and Mablog today, reveals anything even remotely pastoral.  You’re as likely to get a pastoral, Spirit-filled response from Doug Wilson as you are from a bullying Miami Dolphins linebacker, although it’s possible that the jock might show some contrition when the heat’s on.  Not so with the Provost of Unnecessary Provocation.  In his criticism of evangelicalism, which manages to nonetheless embrace its worst elements while sneering at legitimate moves of the Spirit, he offers this:

“Like termites need wood, so also unbelief needs the structures of faith that a living faith once built. They can’t get at the wood when it is still alive and growing, but once the living truth has gone through the sawmill of accreditation and become a standardized two by four of truth — watch out. A brief review will make the point — just imagine Fuller sitting in on a few classes at Fuller Seminary, Carl Henry dropping in at CT (Christianity Today) after reading the three most recent issues, or Thomas Cranmer trying to make it through the homily of the most theologically-minded dyke in the diocese. The word “scene” comes to mind.”

(Doug Wilson, Blog and Mablog, Nov. 5, 2013)

I would submit that perhaps the problem in the evangelical church isn’t that there are women in the pulpit, or even lesbian women in the pulpit.  No, I think the problem with the evangelical church today is that, at least here in Moscow, we have a preeningly belligerent bully in the pulpit.  How he got there is interesting — and a couple of online sites I’ll mention later give you a picture of how this Sultan of Snottiness ascended his throne.  It ain’t a real pretty picture.



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