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October 7, 2013

I Was Wrong. And Then I Wasn’t.

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I’m having some keyboard problems, so, having lost a much longer public apology dedicated to Joshua, I’ll make this one briefer so that it posts.  Joshua pointed out that the Credenda/Agenda article on marital discord and husband-like responsibility that I said wasn’t available any longer on the C/A website — as in, it had been taken down — is, in fact, in the archives.

I was wrong, and I apologize not only to Joshua but to all of my readers.  The site I looked at didn’t have it, but the archives on another C/A site does.  The Kirk has deleted from public sites some controversial articles; that appeared to be the case here.  It wasn’t, and I got it wrong in saying that it was.  I ask Joshua and all of my readers’ forgiveness.

I don’t, however, apologize for my analysis of the article, which said that Wilson’s analysis is not only absurd to the point of nauseating, but, not surprisingly, not a wise handling of the Biblical text.  I had developed a much longer post to address his poor handling of Ephesians 5, but I lost it.  I don’t want my flighty computer to erase my apology, though, so I’m going to stop now.


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