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October 17, 2008

See, I’m Not A Tech-Type At All

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I was horrified, just before church tonight, to discover that my “other” Hotmail account,, had half a dozen messages in it from readers of this blog — some from more than a month ago. It didn’t occur to me that I would get email at that address, and I’m so sorry for having not answered. I promise to respond to each of you tomorrow and I ask for not only your forgiveness, but also your patience as I try to figure out the complexities of managing two — yeah, two — email accounts.

Believe me, my sons are embarrassed for me . . .

So thank you for reading, and I will get back to you tomorrow, Friday the 17th. I normally use, but will check my second one more frequently now that I, ummm, kind of, sort of, get it.

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