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April 26, 2009

Outrage, Outrageously Done

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(Adapted from Moscow’s Vision 2020 forum)

I find it hysterical — were it not so painfully hypocritical — that Christ Church elder and erstwhile blogger Dale Courtney is cursing a Moscow man’s efforts to get the City to release its Hawkins water-allocation records, remarking on his blog that he hopes the man gets stuck footing the bill.

This is the same Dale Courtney who revered the late Jack Wenders, the University of Idaho professor who pioneered the administrative monkeywrenching of the Moscow School District by asking for reams and reams of information for purposes both malicious and dishonest during the 2005 bond campaign. Wenders, a man as churlish as he was myopic, even asked that my personal emails be made available to him, a request that I enthusiastically rejected, given that I was not in a taxpayer-paid position. I don’t recall Dale’s concern for an overworked MSD staff or for the expense of Wenders’ innumerable requests, and, given the war of words he and I engaged in, I think I’d have felt his pain.

The reasons for Dale’s outrage now are simply because this citizen (with whom, by the way, I’ve had many public and pronounced disagreements) has questioned the Hawkins deal, an issue that, like heralding Wal-Mart, screwing public schools, and protesting a return to Clinton-era tax rates for the wealthy, seems to consume Dale much, much more than you would expect it would consume an elder at Moscow’s largest church — that is, unless Moscow’s largest church isn’t an actual congregation, but, instead, another group entirely, a miserable hybrid of post-millennial, neo-Libertarian, arch-conservative patriarchs who’ve mastered the trick of Christianizing the love of mammon and Libertarianizing the message of love.

That church, Courtney serves well.

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