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April 22, 2013

I’m Shocked! Just SHOCKED!

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For weeks, Doug Wilson has been bending over backwards to convince us that, “Southern Slavery As It Was” be damned, he’s really not a bigot, not a racist, and not a guy given to rash snarkiness in outlining his views on race and culture, no matter what his critics say.

And his critics are many, having in common not only that they don’t work for him, but also availing themselves of the kind of common sense that tells them that when a privileged white man dabbles in history and then proudly declares that his people’s violence to and bondage of Black people held by them as chattel wasn’t all THAT bad, it’s not only beyond stupid and inexcusably bigoted, it also allows for a consensus that perhaps he’s a bit of an ass.

But perhaps he’s not just a bit of an ass who with distressing frequency says distressing things that spew out of him like a Veg-0-Matic with a broken lid.  More and more, though, it looks like he actually sets out to offend, to ejaculate his virile verbosity with sheer delight and gusto unparalleled.  I mean, I KNEW that, but I had hoped that his recent attempts at convincing us that he’s a sincere and thoughtful man — which he’s not — would at least result in some restraint.


Here’s his take on the capture of the surviving brother alleged to have bombed the Boston Marathon and shot up Watertown, Massachusetts, last week.  Note his exquisite care in offering a fair, judicious, and tempered take on the identity of the suspects:

From Blog and Mablog, April 21, 2013:

” … One of the reasons we can be grateful that the Boston bombers were caught, and that they turned out to be radical Muslims (what a shock), is that if the perpetrators had been white guys with a cousin who had gone to a Tea Party rally once a couple years ago, they would have ensured that the bombing story would just blow (another story) out of the headlines for good.”

Yep. Doug Wilson. fanning the flames of bigotry, speaking recklessly, sprinkling a volatile situation with hate, and generally acting with the restraint of a Jr. High School bully with a belly.

Indeed.  What a shock.

Lord, have mercy …

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