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November 13, 2010

The Ultimate Goal . . .

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I’ve been accused, here and elsewhere, of being so ardently egalitarian — feminist in my convictions and reading of the Bible — that, right or wrong, I’ve missed the primary point of being in Christ: The Gospel, the Church, and faithfulness to Christ Jesus. I think this, by L. Sue Hulett, an evangelical and professor of political science at Knox College, says it well.

” . . . I remember that my goal is not egalitarianism per se. The goal is Biblical faithfulness and building and sustaining unity in the body of Christ. As women and men exercise their gifts, obey and spread God’s Word, and serve in ministry together, God will grow us until we see that all gifts, including leadership, should be encouraged in a church mature in the Word . . . “

Dr. L. Sue Hulett, quoted in Mutuality, CBE, Autumn 2010

I would add a hearty “Amen!” Dr. Hulett’s call for faithfulness to the Word, edification and unity of the Body of Christ, and the sharing of the Gospel places her in the tradition of every sober-minded, wise, and committed disciple of Christ Jesus throughout history. That she is an egalitarian enriches, by the truth of Scripture, her position in the Body — it doesn’t contaminate or compromise it. Her insistence on “first things, first” is a reminder to all of us that Truth and Love together are the feet that bring the Good News and the hands that offer Christ to a hurting, lost world.

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