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November 30, 2010

Our Shepherd — Disappointed, But Ever Diligent

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“You speak often of truth,” remarked Charis. “Is this god of yours so interested in truth?”

“In truth, yes, but in love as well . . . in love most of all,” answered Dafyd.

“A strange god, then, and often disappointed, I should think.”

“I do not wonder that it seems strange to you. For so it seemed to me when I first heard it. But I have studied long on it and have in time come to be convinced of it. More, I have learned the truth of it for myself and now cannot be persuaded otherwise — no matter what may befall me . . . I was myself like that once — until Jesu found me. That is how he is! He reaches out; he draws men to him. He is the Good Shepherd who searches in the wilderness for his lost sheep, never resting until he gathers them to his fold.”

(Taliesen, Stephen R. Lawhead, 1987 HarperCollins EOS)

What a marvelous story! We live only because Jesus, disappointed by our failure to love and yet driven by his love for us to diligently seek us out, is a Shepherd determined to bring his lost lambs into the fold!

In this world, you’re either one of the 99 or the single lamb lost in the desert. Let’s live, all of us, as though being found really, truly, mattered . . .

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  1. Nice and uplifting.

    Comment by Ashwin — December 5, 2010 @ 9:52 am

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