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August 23, 2011

It Just Warms My Heart

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From yesterday’s correspondent, the brother who wanted more information on Biblical egalitarianism, this comment:

“There are many punishments for sin in scripture. All of them disappear in the grace of Christ, thanks be to God! Jesus freed us from the curse of sin; this makes Gen. 3:16 history as of Calvary.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, men who work the soil find success and wives can walk hand in hand with husbands not two steps behind. Redeemed men and women desire Christ together voluntarily submitting to the rule of scripture. I am the NH person who is looking for Evangelical Free History and thank you for the book tip. I’ve put in for No Time for Silence and also Men, Women, and the Bible.

You site is interesting. Every year at our church meeting, I write in the name of a woman I admire from our congregation on the ballot on the “write-in” line for elder. Now that my daughter is in early elementary school, I wonder if I should do more to show her that she can be President of the United States, CEO of international company, race car driver, doctor, electrician, astronaut OR senior pastor in our small town church. Our question as parents is why she can be anything she wants in life, except in church where she can teach only women and children.”

Thank you, brother, for your kind words of encouragement. We’re in the minority, of course, but the Word says what the Word says — and Christ did what Christ did. Your daughter is greatly blessed, and I hope you continue to write back. Please share “Prevailing Winds” with your friends and congregants; we need to get the word out about Biblical equality!

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