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August 29, 2011

From A Comment On My Life In Sports — Words Well Worth Noting

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I’ve posted this comment in its entirety in the comments section, but my anonymous correspondent here makes a point that deserves more prominence, so here it is:

“. . . I’m so glad that women have equal opportunities to play. I do see equality in Christianity more than in sports. Physical upper body strength isn’t needed to read the Bible, pray, preach or live a righteous life. Is a soul male or female, or just the shell? I see Jesus eliminating the barriers that separated us as people. I see the veil in the temple ripping from top to bottom and the system that kept the Gentiles in the outer court while inviting Jewish families inside. The sign on the next door said, “Women go no further.” The temple guards protected the next door from men who were not priests. Lastly, the curtain kept out all who but one high priest in for one day of the year – until Jesus blew it all away with his sacrifice. Why do we put the dividers back up?”

Excellent points. This silly, all-too-convenient reliance on “roles” simply perpetuates sinful, culturally-bound divisions that Christ’s sacrifice did away with. The Gospel is not a message of “roles,” it’s a promise of reconciliation. It’s not a perpetuation of worldly divisions, but a promise of love between family. And it’s a counter-culture strike against a world struggling in the enmeshment of the Fall, not an endorsement of that enmeshment.

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