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June 17, 2013

A Quick Shot Before My Opening Salvo: Wilson As The Bride At Every Wedding

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Over the last week or so, while I’ve been preparing for my son’s move to Bellingham and subsequently making my seventh trip to Western Washington since April 1, our resident Righteousness Czar, Doug Wilson, has been manfully pounding the keyboard to announce that all homosexual activities should be prosecuted by law, as “sodomy” is in itself a political act worthy of the concern of the State.

It goes without saying that I continue to think that Wilson is wrong, dead wrong, and a bully besides, ignoring as he does the harder target — that is, the domestic violence, rape, and abuse of women  present in his community and wrought by those masculinist ideals of his — and shooting for the easy one, the civil rights of homosexuals.  These are people he dislikes anyway, finding what he imagines their conduct to be distasteful and yucky anyway, and relieves him of the pastoral obligation to care for the women oppressed and disenfranchised, abused and belittled, by the erstwhile Heads of Households under his hairy, calloused thumb.  I’ll have much more to say when I return mid-week (it’s hard to blog at the in-laws’), but here’s a preview of my thoughts regarding the Fatuous One’s argument of the inherent political act that “sodomy” represents:

Is it barely possible, even in the terribly skewed world of Douglas Wilson, that any two people of the same sex, when making love, are not making love with thoughts of how their passion inflames a podunk pastor in North Idaho? 

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