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December 9, 2011

More on Rick Perry. Because I Simply Must.

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A couple of additional thoughts — OK, three — about Rick Perry, besides what I wrote in the post just below:

One, if you’re going to criticize Sonia Sotomayor, the Supreme Court Justice who you say is “anti-religion,” get her name right. It’s not “Motamayor.” Need a memory aid? OK. “Kid Rock is SO not the Mayor of ‘The Motor City’.”

You’re welcome.

Two, no child anywhere in the U.S.A. is prohibited from praying in a public school in the way Jesus taught — namely, quietly, privately, and non-disruptively, as he says in the Gospels. They just can’t be privileged in their prayers or religion, as the Constitution teaches, although rote, loud, public, and such is quite as the Pharisees taught. Jesus doesn’t like it, but the priests and the scribes, like you, really did, like perhaps with Mrs. Woodbury leading a rote murmuring of The Lord’s Prayer in fifth grade, even before the ipledjuvaleegents. Even with little Bobby O’Shaughnessy pulling adorable Denise Crowden’s hair while Skeeter Bickle snickers uproariously from his seat by the blackboard, it wasn’t OK.

Now, Rick, I know you know a lot about “privilege,” but what I mean here is “privileged in any organizational, affirmed manner by the State.” Which, perhaps, someone boldly not “ashamed” to “admit” he’s a Christian probably ought to know, and someone running for President simply must. Your supporters, however, continue to punch their pugilistic fists in the air, ’cause you sure got the libs and homos with that one, huh?

One final thing: Before you say elsewhere that “my religious faith hasn’t gotten in the way of the people of Texas,” as evidenced by your State’s (alleged) economic success story in light of that bold, radical, uncompromising faith of yours, please go home, enter your prayer closet — don’t panic; “closet” is just a metaphor here — and ask the Holy Spirit if this really is where you should be, or if you should make some changes.

Wouldja, Rick? Wouldja please?

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