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January 20, 2012

Caught In Careless Editing! Sacre Bleu!

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Erstwhile reader Ben makes the falling point:

“It would be a lot easier for me to believe you knew anything about Mark Driscoll and had read this book if you actually knew his wifes name….”

(comment received January 20, 2012, from Mark Driscoll marriage book post)

Ouch. In my passion to pour out my profound concerns about the Driscoll’s new book on “real marriage,” I mistakenly referred to Grace Driscoll as “Gail” in much of the post. My father would be disappointed; errors like that resulted in an automatic “F” in his newswriting classes, with various colorful and scathing comments scrawled in red pencil, just in case the 72-pt. “F” didn’t shake you up.

I’m not as shaken up as I would’ve been then, but it was a bit of a jolt to see that I was that careless. Here’s my response to Ben:

“Good catch, Ben. I should’ve caught the errors — although I reference Mrs. Driscoll as “Grace” as often as I carelessly referred to her as “Gail.” I guess the thought of grace didn’t come up as I was reading the preview chapter I was sent. I have the participant’s guide to the book, remain unimpressed, and am waiting for the book itself. Be assured, however, that I know quite a bit about Driscoll and his thuggery. Be assured, too, that when I make a mistake, I put it front and center. So thanks for your comment, which is now a blog post.”

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