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June 29, 2012

A Wise And Compassionate Take on Social Justice

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Or not.

I’ve been writing so much on immigration that I somehow missed this May 2012 Tweet from Moscow’s Pontiff of Privilege and Potency:

“Whenever you hear someone appeal to social justice, check two things. One, where you put your wallet, and two, where he keeps his revolver.”  (Douglas Wilson on Twitter)

This succinct little nugget speaks volumes about Wilson’s equating of social services to the robbery of the taxpaying masses in order to satiate the poor as they suckle like piglets on the teat of government largesse.  (Search Blog and Mablog for his warning to congregants that they not be found accepting government social services and thus becoming “suckling piglets.”) And while he’s able to pack two graphic images — armed robbery and nursing piglets — into a single sociopolitical position, his observation invites a third image:  the Matthew 25 sheeps and goats confrontation with the Master, wherein he and others who sell indifference to the poor as a Christian virtue are angrily herded off to the left with the rest of the goats. 

It’s not going to be a good place to be, and I doubt that the others in the goatflock will be at all comforted by Wilson’s witticisms. 

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