Where Have I Been? On Facebook …

Because I have a couple of Facebook “friends” who are Wilson fanboys, I find that I’ve been spending a great deal of time on that venue, battling them and calling out our local Bishop of Blather when he tosses out epithets like “Gaytards,” or when his protege Toby Sumpter avers that society is called to applaud “men anally raping each other.”  It’s been a busy time.

It takes a lot of time to juggle the pokes and barbs of the toadies who can’t find anything wrong, ever, with anything their Master says — remember, on Facebook, you engage not just with your “friends,” but with theirs.  And when I comment on Wilson’s blog, as happened in early March, it often provokes an avalanche of response, much of it involving questions about my salvation and comments about what a dark and dreary place this blog is.  But the reality is that I have more readers on FB than I do on Prevailing Winds, and while I’ll always keep PW for longer posts, I find that I reach more people these days via Facebook.

If you want to be part of the conversation over there, send me a Facebook friend request.  That I may not really know you or even like you wouldn’t be reason enough to reject you; I’ll engage with anyone, pretty much, and even though FB allows for pseudonyms, I’ll still be in the fray.

And lest you think I’ve mellowed, let me say this:  Doug Wilson and his ministerial enterprises are a blight on the Gospel, and I’ll confront them at every point.



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