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February 5, 2014

Well, Finally! Thank you, Internet . . .

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Wow.  That was a bumpy ride . . .

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten Internal Server Error messages every time I opened up this blog.  And while Internal Server Error is a great band name, it isn’t what I chose to call the blog.  But some tinkering around has worked, and so here we are . . .

. . . and tomorrow, we’ll discuss last night’s livestreamed debate between young Earth creationist Ken Ham, whose creationist museum features lots of earnest claims that the Biblical book of Genesis is an appropriate manual for science, and evolutionist Bill Nye, a real science guy whose exasperation with Ham was palpable but whose understanding of his audience was nil.  I watched it with about 200 folks at the NuArt Theatre.  I might have been the only Trinitarian Christian evolutionist in the room — well, with Jeff and our friend — but I certainly wasn’t the only person frustrated with the debate.

Stay tuned, then, and we’ll cut into a somewhat drab Ham on Nye.

Thanks for hanging in with me.

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