A Little Nugget Of Delight On The Intertubes. Interweb. Internet. Whatever.

Nothing makes my day like stumbling across a witty, dead-on site dedicated to pointing out the foolishness that is Doug Wilson’s Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches, or CREC, as well as the heartless folly of his numerous other pseudo-ministerial forays into entrepreneurial capitalism.  Kudos, hugs, and, at the asking, beer of any sort to the man or woman behind www.crecmemes@wordpress.com.

‘Tis a joy unparalleled to see Kirk insiders unafraid to break out, break away, and break up the tight lil’ clubhouse that is Wilson World.  Meme-sters, you have my thanks and admiration.  You’ve got the big guy sputtering.  Frankly, I think that means you’re doing something right.

And I mean it — God bless you, and then some.


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