Confidential to "Jonathan" Regarding His Remarks On Blog and Mablog

A man named Jonathan brilliantly responded today on Blog and Mablog to Doug Wilson’s defense of the “virtue of gun ownership” and, with it, his strained take on the passage in Luke 22 where Jesus counsels the disciples to buy swords if they don’t have them as they embark on their missionary work. 

Jonathan completely disarmed Wilson with a thorough, ten-point rebuttal.  And yes, pun intended.  I don’t know Jonathan, but if any of you recognize his B & M response to Wilson as the work of someone you know, please steer him my way.  I’d love to thank him in person.

My email is  I intend to delve quite a bit into a Christian response to guns and gun violence; not at all surprisingly, my conclusion is as different from Wilson’s as a pea shooter from a Sig Sauer.  I pray I do so as well as Jonathan, who deserves my thanks and yours.

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