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September 25, 2008

Belliegerent Elders, Part 2 — Make Sure He’s A Racist

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Dale Courtney, the Christ Church elder and pugnacious pundit of the blog Right-Mind, was the subject of my public rebuke yesterday for calling a Moscow man, by name, a “local reprobate.” There seems to be no limit to how low Courtney can go — how despicably he can behave, how reckless he tosses off inflammatory pseudo-news, and how vile a stench he leaves as a Christian man, father, and elder of a church.

Today, he goes even lower.

The “Scariest Knock-Knock Joke Ever” begins with “ISE” and ends up with a grinning Barack Obama announcing, “ISE YO NEW PRESIDENT!” Adding shit to stink is Chris Witmer’s even more offensive comment, involving Barack Obama’s appearance at the Pearly Gates a mere 20 minutes after being elected.

Don’t harden you heart any more than it already is, Dale, by saying it isn’t racist to portray Barack Obama speaking in the kind of jive-English no one I know uses, but all racists appeal to to denigrate Blacks. And don’t suggest I have no sense of humor for failing to find a joke about Obama’s sudden death — it’s hard not to read “assassination” here — upon election. That you would post the first joke is reprehensible; that you would allow Witmer’s joke to remain on your blog is proof of the fact that you, pal, have lost your way. You need Jesus. You are an unrepentant bigot, and that you hold a leadership position in anything higher than a treehouse gang of schoolboys is an abomination.

For my correspondent who wonders why I’m quick to presume racism on the part of Christ Church and its leaders: Either look honestly, or continue to explain away the inexplicable. And for everyone else — No, I’ll never stop, even when the bad guys appear to be winning.

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