Just An Observation

It’s interesting to me that every time the noxious and bellicose No Weatherman posts on Moscow’s Vision 2020, he posts a lot — sometimes a dozen or more a day — and Doug Wilson’s Blog and Mablog remains fairly static. On the other hand, when Wilson is pounding away at B and M with his peculiar brand of acerbic wit and dubious theology, No Weatherman’s posts to Vision 2020 virtually come to a halt.

Please, Lord, let it just be a coincidence. Because I really want to know that it’s not any local religious figure — not Wilson, not any Kirker, not anyone in any leadership position in any Christian Church. On that, I’m dead serious.

No Weatherman posted Sunday ’til a few minutes before Christ Church’s 10:30 a.m. worship service, and that N. W. could be a local church congregant is disheartening, given the amount of time it takes to shed the vitriol and hatefulness that anonymity on a public email forum affords someone before attending a church service. (One wonders how conscience allowed him to take communion). Wilson, who says an Obama victory would leave him “appalled,” knows that the conventional wisdom is that he or his pals are No Weatherman — there’s some history there, lamentably — but I sincerely hope that the ineffably rude N.W. is not at all connected to Christ Church and its ministries. Mr. Wilson, are you posting on Vision using a pseudonym? Are your elders, NSA instructors, or other associates? Or could someone gleefully be taking advantage of the conventional wisdom — “it must be from Anselm House” — to hide behind you?

The thing is, we don’t know. Now, if I were thought to be an anonymous, rude, incendiary participant on a community forum, I’d want everyone to know it ain’t me — because it wouldn’t be. No Weatherman has refused to identify himself, and by using a pseudonym, he’s confirmed that integrity is as low on his list of virtues as charity and civility. His cowardly anonymity is pathetic; if the pseudonym is employed to allow any public person, religious or not, to bloviate in the rudest, most inflammatory manner possible, its use is especially egregious. So here’s some advice, which, along with this entire post, I’ll put on Vision 2020:

Drop the combativeness, clean up the rhetoric, and you’ll find a pseudonym to be entirely unnecessary. If you’re a pastor or elder, perhaps the need to cloak snottiness in anonymity might finally strike you as inconsistent with ministry. If you’re not, it’s time to seek out counsel from someone wiser than you.

Heck, I’m just a girl, but you could even call me. By name.

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