Oh, And One More Thing …

An off-line correspondent asks me if I’ve bothered to ask No Weatherman if he’s a local pastor or involved in a local ministry.


He didn’t answer.

I emailed Doug Wilson tonight to see if he is N.W., if he’s aware that people assume he and/or his associates are behind the anonymous Vision 2020 posts, and if he would publicly say he is or confirm he isn’t. Of course I’ll relay the response.

Further, please be clear on this: I don’t want to have it confirmed that N.W. — an obnoxious, slanderous coward — is a Christian, and especially not a Christian in a leadership position in a church. That ANYONE is behind N.W. is disturbing; I don’t know if I could adequately convey the grief I’d feel if he were from the Kirk or any other church.

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