Words of Wisdom and Power

From missionary, physician, activist and scholar Katharine C. Bushnell, from “God’s Word To Women,” published in 1921 –

“The teaching that God punishes Christian women for the sin of Eve is a wicked and cruel superstition, and unworthy the intelligence of Christians. But in addition to this, the doctrine has laid a blighting hand upon woman’s self-respect, self-confidence and spiritual activity, from which causes the entire Church of Jesus Christ suffers moral and spiritual loss . . . “

And for those “strong patriarchs” out there who believe they have authority over their wives . . .

“What would Satan . . . wish done to woman, his enemy? He would have her so crippled she could not contend with him successfully. How better could he cripple her than to incite her husband, the one living closest to her who has strength to do it, to hamper her activities as much as possible?”

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