Now, THERE’S A Coincidence

While I await Timothy’s response to my comment (May 21) regarding “genocide” and “race-mixing,” I thought I’d offer up a bit of irony that Tim the Kinist might want to consider:

He shares the name of — and was perhaps even named after — the New Testament evangelist Timothy, a “son” to the Apostle Paul, a leader of the Church at Ephesus, and, by all accounts, a hero of the faith.

Timothy was the product of “race mixing,” the son of a devoutly Jewish mother and a Gentile (Greek) father. But I think we can all agree — most of us, at least — that this product of miscegenation contributed not to the “genocide” or annihilation of his or any other race, but, instead, to the salvation of many hundreds of souls who found their ultimate identity not in being Jews or Gentiles (or black or white, Asian or Latino, male or female, rich or poor, Southerner or Yankee), but in the one family of faith in Christ Jesus.

Ironic, huh? But if our neo-Confederate Kinist Timothy finds it to be too uncomfortable, he can always change his name to something quasi-Celtic that reflects his ethnic purity. “Orin” would be good. It means “white,” which sounds as simple, bland, and uncomplicated as the world Timothy wishes to create for himself, and against which the Church must continue praying.

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  1. Dontbia Nass says:

    Actually, Keely, kinists would not see Timothy as a product of race mixing.

  2. Dontbia Nass says:

    By the way, Keely, speaking of “bland” white, these days it seems that everyone from Michael Jackson to Asia’s billions want to be white . . . the only ones who don’t to be white are those who are.

    There’s a whole series of these ads, each whiter, fairer, and lovelier than the next –

    I don’t know why the Church needs to pray against a world in which whiteness is equated with oppression. And does Timothy want a simple world? It sounds to me like he’s in favor of genuine diversity.

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