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I’ve begun reading a book from Inter-Varsity Press (IVP) that I think my readers would enjoy, and I’ll be quoting from it periodically. “Church, State and Public Justice — Five Views” is a compendium of essays and responses regarding Christian public engagement. Represented are the Roman Catholic Church’s classic social teaching, the traditional separatist/Baptist, the Anabaptist (think Mennonite, for example), the Reformed “Principled Pluralist,” and the “mainline” social justice views. I’ve just finished the Catholic CST view and, while I left the Catholic Church shortly after coming to Christ in 1981, I found much to commend. So far, I think the book is a valuable contribution to a theology of Christian socio-political involvement. Get ready for selected quotes on Prevailing Winds — some of which I agree with, others of which I won’t.


While there’s probably good reason for me to read popular fiction — ummm, I can’t think of one, but I’m sure it’s there — I just gravitate toward politics and theology. I find that IVP produces some truly valuable works; I’m just as aware that the IVP imprimatur guarantees that some will automatically ignore a book. Pity. Anything that gives five different perspectives on something important, and all from devout, high-Scripture thinkers, is inherently valuable, and I’d invite you to pick up a copy.

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  1. Dontbia Nass says:

    These should be interesting — they touch on several of your favorite topics, although not necessarily from a perspective you approve of:



    Any thoughts? Any COGENT thoughts?

  2. “Any thoughts? Any COGENT
    thoughts?” — Dontbia Nass

    Tell you what, Nass. Let’s presume that with “cogent” comes “courageous,” the antitheses of which would be “babbling” and “anonymous.” Ring a bell?

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