Because the misogyny pouring out of Wilson lately has to be confronted, and confronted as sin.

Because he spews disregard for women in defending our oppression by our own brothers in the Church.

Because while he mocks women, he also spatters sincere, decent Biblical complementarians with the rhetorical sewage he spews.

Because his followers march in lockstep, and following Douglas Wilson leads believers off the way of not just right doctrine, but righteousness.

And because, at the Judgment Seat of Christ, I will not have to confess in shame that I was silent when evil blossomed in my own community in the name of my only Savior.

That’s why.

5 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Dontbia Nass says:

    Better take a good look in the mirror, Keely. What you are ascribing to Wilson as misogyny is actually your own jaundice finding expression.

  2. Confederate says:

    Mr. Mix,

    Can you document one instance where Wilson “mocks” women? You fail to distinguish between females (as women) who act like women, and females (as rebels) who act like men.

    At the heart of your argument–perhaps of your ministry–is the fallacy of equivocation. Not all of the behavior and thought of those who have female sex organs are to be considered “woman” behavior.

    You’ve changed the paradigm of what is woman. That’s why men like Dabney called you and those male pastors who support an inklin of your views, “pagan”.

  3. Ummm, I’m female.

  4. And, for all it’s worth, I give not an inkling of regard to your definition of “woman.”

  5. Confederate says:

    I know you are “female”.

    “And, for all it’s worth, I give not an inkling of regard to your definition of ‘woman’.”

    Trust me, it’s not worth anything. Like I said, it’s pagan. I don’t consider pagan (aka: anti-Christ) doctrine of worth.

    Your lack of rhetoric skills are forcing you to deal with the issues.

    Can we have the link to your husband’s blog. Or his picture? We see his maroon dress shirt you are wearing, but we’d like to see his shameful face.

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