Turning Green

Regarding Wilson’s contempt for “going green” and the “built-green” description of the housing development he’s part of (it’s also right down from his deck; he overlooks it from on high, perhaps in more ways than one), here’s what he said in Blog and Mablog this week:

Doug Wilson, July 18, 2009: “First, why is it that I regard a Christian’s baptismal vows, which renounce the devil and all his works, to include a rejection of being green, going green, or thinking green? Is it because I don’t like the color? Is it because my motto is “Earth first! We’ll pave the other planets later”? Not a bit of it. Scripture begins with a garden, and it ends with (green) garden city. Not only am I okay with this, but I regard it as every Christian’s duty to live in a manner consistent with that overarching vision. So why do I gag on “green”?.

You can read my post below. If the hypocrisy doesn’t gag you, then perhaps you’ve not had enough coffee just yet.

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