Celebrating Nieces!

I drove to scenic Vantage, Washington, to pick up my niece, whose parents live, as most of Jeff’s family does, in Snohomish County. Diana is going to be with us for almost a week, and so my blogging might be a bit slowed.

I’ve raised two sons, and I’m a little out of my element with girls. But in God’s wisdom, I have two nieces, both 12, both absolutely wonderful, beautiful, creative, confident, and sharp as a pretty, petal-pink tack. Diana is a wonder to be around, and I so look forward to what has become our once-a-year week together, having her here with her beloved Uncle Jeff, cousins Anthony and Jonah, and assorted four-footed family members who seem fascinated by such beauty and such an array of pink stuff. My other niece, Lauren, lives in Arizona. I don’t get to see her much at all, but we’re very close; she knows her Tia Keely is pretty much crazy about her. For a woman who lives in a very masculine house, it’s a pleasure to indulge in, and simply indulge, these two girls.

Diana is an amazing soccer player who qualified for the “A”-12 team when she was only 11, and while I don’t know a thing about soccer — kickball was my thing, and Diana assures me that kids still play it — I find myself grinning that this beautiful young girl can evidently kick circles around the other kids, and do so, I know, with great competitiveness and great sportsmanship. She’s tearing through my old Nancy Drew collection, loves math, and does a terrific job tolerating her rowdy 8- and 9-year-old brothers, who I absolutely think are the two coolest elementary school-aged little guys in the universe. I sense some Transformers toys and tool sets in my future.

I so wish Lauren and Diana could meet. I can’t think of two girls I’d rather pass this world on to. They’ll grow up knowing how to cook and clean, because they’ll know how to take care of themselves, but those things, like knowing how to change a tire or fix a toilet, won’t be their life’s work. They’ll undoubtedly become moms, and wonderful moms, but while that might be their life’s work, it won’t be their careers. Diana might become a teacher; Lauren thinks she wants to be a vet. There are some children and some pets who, in about 20 years, are going to be awfully blessed.

I’m awfully blessed now, though, to have not only been granted the privilege of mothering my sons, but of being Tia Keely to such amazing nieces. Even if I’m currently awash in a sea of pink.

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