Harvest Time

Jeff and I were driving yesterday to Uniontown, in the wheatfields about 30 minutes southwest of Moscow, which is also in the wheatfields but which isn’t where this particular client lives and which doesn’t (and this is a pity) have Eleanor’s Corner Tavern for a mid-day Mac and Jack’s with lunch.

Anyway . . . I’m getting as off track here as we were when he ended up at the intersection of P. Druffel Road and M. Druffel Road. But while Jeff pored over his maps, I took in the hum of machinery and the heady smell of farmland, washed in its late-summer color as wheat, peas, lentils, garbanzos and canola present to our farmers their God-nurtured best. I thank him for the crops and for the men and women who harvest them, and seven and a half years after moving here, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

(Confidential to QDCB — I hope your time on the farm this season was soul-soothing and a balm of encouragement to your heart, even without lechuga. Remember Hos. 10:12????)

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