The Context Here Is "HATE"

I’ve held on to this for four days now.

Because of the infamous “Dontbia Nass,” I’ve had to have all reader comments appear in my email inbox so I can keep my blog from becoming a verbal vomitorium. Nass has gone underground, apparently resurfacing, although not in the light, as Chris Witmer, a Wilson accolyte living in Japan. Witmer is vile. He’s peppered Moscow’s community email forum, Vision 2020, with puerile and hateful stuff for years, and lurks not only on my blog but also on Wilson’s, Dale Courtney’s, and Spirit/Water/Blog. SWB is a Kinist site run by evilthinkers whose idea of Biblical Christian imperatives have to do with preserving “the white race” and demonstrating the most vicious kind of hate imaginable. I’m assuming SWB has a link to Prevailing Winds because . . . oh, I don’t know . . . they might find me to be the most despicable of sodomite-loving feminist race traitors.

Thank you, and do I get a T-shirt for that?

Anyway, every comment that ends up on the blog has been OK’d by me; I no longer have the luxury of assuming that the staunch male Covenenters who read won’t write like staunch male Fascists in a lockerroom. The gem below arrived after my posts on the death of Sen. Kennedy. I care very little what Chris Witmer thinks about yogurt, plaid, Danish modern furniture, elk, or much of anything else. I detest his views on public service, immigration, and Kennedy’s nearly half-century of work for civil rights, legal protection for the disabled, the poor, women, and everyone else in society who needed a voice when their own wasn’t heard, and I lament Kennedy’s support for abortion rights as much as I lament Witmer’s contention that nothing else matters.

Lord knows the airwaves have been full of commentary about Kennedy’s alcoholism, infidelities, and Chappaquiddick; that’s fair and expected. But I think you might be interested in the foaming-at-the-mouth rage Witmer wants to share with us, because the CREC/Kirk/Reconstructionist/Federal Visioners are a remarkably homogenized voice. He just adds his own unique blend of fanaticism that reveals an anti-government theology quite familiar to those of us in Moscow. His comments below are edited for space and clarity; the context is untouched, and that context is hate.

Here’s what popped up in my inbox:

Christopher Witmer has left a new comment on your post “Ted Kennedy — In My Jr. High Diary????”:

“Kennedy . . . has to answer for many tens of millions of murdered babies . . . that tax parasite never hesitated to take other people’s money at gunpoint for his pet projects. He was a notorious womanizer who drove his first wife to drink. He left Miss Kopechne to die, not reporting the accident for 10 hours . . . in other words, she might have been able to be saved if Kennedy had called for help right
away . . . and let us not forget his contributions to the Mexicanization of America . . . God has finally delivered America from the scourge of Ted Kennedy. One down, 543 to go! (99 more senators, 434 congresscritters [excluding Ron Paul, the one man of character], nine SCOTUS judges, and one president).”

(End of loving and humble Christian analysis of the death of Sen. Kennedy).

Witmer’s words speak for themselves, but I’ll add this:

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. He is Lord over every single aspect of this world, public, private, “Christian,” and “secular.” I pledge allegiance only to him, not to a flag, a government, or a person. I appreciate that he has ordained government to establish order, and while I believe that not all public servants — politicians — are honorable, public service is.

Witmer and his cohorts, however, believe that government is more like an enemy occupier, dispatching its evil minions to do its evil bidding. I find his “one down, 543 to go!” more than a little chilling, especially given that even more mainstream “Christians” have been calling for God to “take out” various people in government for various sins real and imagined. And I don’t know what the “Mexicanization” of the U.S. means, but I suspect it’s nowhere near as icky as Witmer asserts. Mi pais esta’ cambiando, y a Dios sea la Gloria!

Finally, Witmer and the other proud Christian men who hated Kennedy seem unable to grasp a concept that’s central to the Gospel: Repentance and the restoration and redemption the Spirit brings through it. Time magazine this week reports that after his marriage to Victoria Reggie, Kennedy developed a deep and life-transforming commitment to his Catholic faith, and, pondering his terminal condition, he was quoted by a friend as saying “I believe in the Resurrection.”

We who love Jesus are supposed to rejoice at words like this, particularly when the late-in-life fruit is consistent with Christian conversion. Kennedy did enormous good for this country; he also did enormous harm to himself and others earlier in his life. But CREC’ers and Kirkers are Calvinists. It’s easy, I suppose, for those who are sure that God took pleasure in creating them for eternal life to decide, from that vantage point, who he created to dangle over the Pit in terror of the release of divine fingers that would send them into eternal, conscious torment. Country Club and Covenant membership both have their privileges.

Judging the soul of a man, however, is not one of them. Taking pleasure in the condemnation of any human being isn’t, either.

This isn’t Biblical Christianity. This is an ugly, vicious hybrid of bad theology and worse practice, and its continuation will bring some surprises in the Hereafter, when those who die recognize that dying in Christ and dying while screaming things in his name aren’t at all the same thing.

3 Responses to “The Context Here Is "HATE"”

  1. Mrs. Mix, if you decide not to approve one of my comments, I would appreciate it if you would not then turn around and quote from it selectively in a subsequent blog post. Thanks.

  2. And what did I omit that is so important to you? Your ugliness was reprinted at only about 75%. Do you really lament that I didn’t go for the whole shebang?
    Please tell me how you believe I misrepresented your comment — at least, I think that’s what you’re getting at here.

  3. Ashwin says:

    This is to Mr. Witmer.

    Like you, I too disagree with many of the positions held by Ms Mix. But the sort of language you have used to describe a man who is now dead is deserving of censure. And the reasons is twofold. First, it just does not do to speak evil of the dead. Ted Kennedy spent the latter decades of his life striving for something he held to be right (I too disagree with him, but that is not the point). That MUST count for something.

    Second, bad manners mask good points. If the points are good (and several of your points are), let them speak for themselves. There is no need to encumber them with mean spirited words.

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