Gone . . . And, I Hope, Forgotten

It looks like someone, or Someone, has convinced Chris Witmer that his anti-Keely “satirical” blog isn’t such a good idea, given that it copies my blog format, has my picture, and uses my name and “Prevailing Winds” in anagram. It’s been removed — and not because of any plea on my part, although I certainly am glad.

Here’s Witmer’s note from yesterday’s Vision 2020:

“The blog has been revamped; since the old format had made its point, there was not really any reason to keep it that way.

Hopefully if there is any offense it will be solely the offense of the gospel.

The fundamental raison d’etre of the blog remains unchanged.”

I’m not sure what point the “old format” made, but I’m glad it’s gone. I choose to call it an answer to prayer.

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