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November 19, 2009

I Believe Kids These Days Would Call It A Shout-Out To My Homie

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Folk singer Nancy McCallion, who combines traditional folk music with “Tejano” Mexican and Irish/Celtic influences, has just released a new CD, “Take A Picture of Me,” dedicated to the working poor during this shattered economy. Here’s a link — give it a listen. A better blogger would know how to hyperlink it. I am not that blogger. Anyway, Nancy’s website is

I grew up with Nancy in Tucson; her brother sang at our wedding and our families — hers staunchly Catholic, mine somewhat less so — attended Our Lady of Fatima (whose unfortunate roof design earned it the nickname “Our Lady of Pizza Hut”). She and mandolin genius Catherine Zavala, whose brother did not sing at my wedding, were the creative force behind The Mollies, one of my alt-country favorites.

Nancy’s insistence on writing about the lament of the poor and aligning herself with undocumented workers pretty much guarantees that she won’t hit gold on this or any other CD, but better treasures await those who speak, and sing, for those whose voices aren’t often heard.

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