Filth From The Kirk Men. We’ve Got A Gusher.

You truly, honestly, fervently hope something will stanch the flow of filth from Anselm House. Just since the weekend, we’ve had Christ Church Elder Dale Courtney and his Scripture-as-Obama-Death-Wish foray into humor. Now the much-circulated (would I be nuts for guessing “altered”?) photo of Barack Obama bowing deeply to the Japanese emperor and his wife has Wilson declaring that Obama wouldn’t bow that way to the Queen.

How does Wilson say he knows? Let’s read from yesterday’s Blog and Mablog:

“The president wouldn’t be caught dead bowing to the Queen of England, for she is Anglo, but acts like Steppin Fetchitt when introduced to any royalty of color.”

And, in case you require a one-two punch to figure out that Douglas Wilson is a despicable man who, like his fan boy Courtney, is by character utterly unqualified to serve in any leadership position in any church, he wraps it up — same post — with a comment on what he thinks of Obama’s presidency:

“It begins to appear that he doesn’t care if his is a failed presidency, just so long as the country fails along with him. The pilot doesn’t mind if he goes down, just so long as the plane goes down with him. Is this a suicide bomber president?”


Wilson is a blight on God’s Church. I pray the Lord’s mercy extends its reach even to the wolves, and does so before this particular one further extends his reach among the sheep.

3 Responses to “Filth From The Kirk Men. We’ve Got A Gusher.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    do you have any idea what has happened to Mark T’s website, “federo schism”?

  2. Ashwin says:

    Compared to your other comments on Mr. Wilson, this one is quite refreshing. You have clearly made your stance. Whether it is justified or no is another matter. But it is good that you have made a clear-cut statement of your thoughts.

  3. I don’t know who Mark T is and I didn’t know “Foedero Schism” was down, although it hadn’t changed when I checked six months ago.


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