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December 19, 2009

Heading Westward Over The Mountains

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We’ll be packing up the Dodge and heading back over to Snohomish (Western Washington) in an hour or so, and my blogging will be significantly reduced as four of us descend on my poor mother-in-law, who has only one computer and whose house isn’t networked or whatever you call it so that I can use my laptop.

And what a pity THAT was longer than my Christmas wishes to all of you — but please know that I pray abundant blessings for each one of you, with special wishes for Chris Witmer’s family in Japan. Please keep his wife and daughters in your prayers. They’ll be spending their first Christmas without him, and I’m beginning to understand how hard that is. If you celebrate Hanukkah, my apologies for having missed it, and if you enjoy Kwanzaa, may it be a time of blessing and renewal. If you have no religious preferences, I hope peace and provision shower upon you in 2010 and beyond.

Most of all, may those of us who follow Christ follow him into the darkest, most hopeless, most impoverished, most broken places — the places where the rejected, forgotten people live — and do so in joy, knowing that we don’t just bring him there for others. More often, we more fully find him there as well.

That’s living. I wish it abundantly on you, now and always.

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